Shoots n’ Roots started with the idea that whether you’re a large or small scale facility, caregiver, or a grower who just takes pride in their craft, you don’t need a degree, framed in mahogany on the wall, and an adsorbent amount of money to learn, operate, and scale a successful cannabis tissue culture operation efficiently.

Other introductory classes offer the basics to get started, but when problems arise in the field, courses and educators have fallen short on equipping students with the necessary information needed to diagnose and troubleshoot an array of issues that plants growing in-vitro (Latin for “within the glass”) are prone to be inflicted with.

Without the proper knowledge and solutions, R&D is curtailed, operations come to a halt, time and money is lost subsequently leaving labs unsure on what to do next. Our founder recognized these faults with the education within the industry and from that, Shoots n’ Roots Labs was born.