Here at Shoots n’ Roots we offer two different consulting programs designed to meet the requirements of our students.

Students have the option of either attending one of our classes in person or invest in our facility consultation package.


Choosing to attend one of our classes, you are shown the proper procedures, protocols, practices, and materials needed to run a tissue culture laboratory successfully and efficiently.

Students will learn all skills, procedures, and equipment needed to take cultivars that have lost vigor, been infected with a virus and/or disease, or plagued with other external issues including pests and powdery mildew, to clean them up in-vitro and placed back into production.

Facility Consultation

Those who would like to invest in our Facility Consultation package will receive all instruction that is received in our classroom setting along with;

  • One on one training from our Lab Director, onsite of your operation anywhere in the country.
  • Our proprietary binder of SOP’s and notes packed full of information that is pertinent to a labs success.
  • Tailored instructions based around your operations.
  • A review of facility SOP’s with recommendations made to ensure the best protection moving forward against virus, disease, and pests.
  • Having our lab director on call for six months to ensure their operations are running smoothly and to answer any questions that may have not come up in initial instruction.
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