Course Material

Here are some of the topics students will learn by taking our class

  1. The equipment required for a tissue culture lab and how to properly use them.
  2. All proper protocols to follow when working in a tissue culture lab and when working with plant material.
  3. An understanding of what media is and how to make it.
  4. When, how, and why to add additives to media.
  5. How to screen plants for viruses, diseases, and poor performance.
  6. How to perform nodal & meristematic culture.
  7. How to perform leaf organogenesis.
  8. Embryo rescue, to save aged seeds.
  9. How to store genetics for long & short term storage.
  10. An understanding of optimal environmental conditions for cultured plants.
  11. How to troubleshoot issues that arise in culture.

And much more!