Why Tissue Culture? (part 1)

Why would I, or my operation want to adopt tissue culture techniques and strategies?

This is a question we would like to address that comes up quite frequently for us.

There are a few different reasons why one would want to bring tissue culture in house. Over the next few blog posts we will break down this list to give you a clear picture of the benefits these methods can bring to you and your operation.

  1. Elimination of viruses, viroids, pests, mildews and disease
  2. True to type cloning from small, up to a commercial requirement amounts
  3. Genetic preservation for long and short term storage
  4. Breeding

Virus, viroid, pest, mildew and disease eradication

Vectors like gnats, white flies, and other pests that feed on the biomass of a plant, carry with them viruses, viroids, and diseases that are transmitted to the plant when they feed on roots, leaves, or stalks. These numerous strains of viruses, viroids, and diseases have the ability to drastically reduce yield, potency, terpenes, vigor, growth rate, and change the overall structure of the plant.

The only way to rid the plant of these issues are through, you guessed it, tissue culture. More specifically, meristematic culture.

In our next article you’ll learn the second benefit of tissue culture on our list, true to type cloning, and rapid multiplication.

See you there!